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Are you planning to renovate the lawn or to design it from scratch? Green oasis trading appreciates your love for nature as we also love planting. Our company is pondered as one of the top ten landscaping companies because our unbeatable ideas are not easy to chase and that is why we have successfully maintained our strong position in the industry. To make a lawn from scratch, hard landscaping has a great role because it includes hard components like stones, masonry, cement, sand, and other things which differentiate it from soft landscaping. The years of experience has enabled us to quickly assess the nature of land and that is why we always suggest the most suitable type of soil to use for landscaping.

You are always welcomed to have a look at our previous work because we have a good track record. It is quite hard to compete green oasis trading because we do not compromise on our rules and standards. We have won several awards for creating some amazing landscaping ideas. The base plays a crucial role for hard landscaping and that is why we use the fine quality stones and apply some useful masonry tips to prepare a strong and durable base actually adds life to the whole landscaping.

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